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The Twenty-One Irreverent Truths of Life by Amadeus

Let your horizons expand as you and your friends spend time enjoying the art of conversation and the nurturing of ideas. Amadeus begins the conversation as a good host should-by recommending wine, cheese, and a song to accompany the evening’s short vignette on an irreverent and humorous look at a truth of life. Each story contains both wit and a profound analogy that touches the human condition in way that engages the heart and mind. The fun really begins after each chapter, because that is the time to challenge Amadeus’s viewpoint with your own understanding of the moral of each story. Very soon new ideas emerge, and the excitement of new thoughts swirls to the beat of an energized dialogue and a higher plateau of vision. “I love it! Love and light” – Anke Otto-Wolf, author of Give Your Soul a Gift

Amadeus has been left for dead on the side of the road. He has also been celebrated as a leader of people and a champion of many worthy causes. His time to date has been spent as a small town mayor, leader of a pack of two hundred Harleys, tribal administrator for an Indian nation, staff sergeant in the US Army medical corps, chairman of several charity organizations, acknowledged expert in his profession, and proud father, husband and grandfather. Between each pinnacle there have been valleys. Amadeus believes that if an experience hasn’t sent him home to be with his ancestors, then there was a lesson to learn and apply to a fun, adventuresome, and exciting life. Amadeus resides with his wife, Lanna, in the Village of Oak Creek, with their four dogs and cat. Amadeus can be found at Sherpa Spirit, Lanna’s shoppe in the heart of the Village.

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